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The Tail of Sir Galahad

When he was just a little pup, this white knight bravely stepped between his mother and an oncoming human with a vaccination shot. Though, he and his mother were both vaccinated and are the pinnacle of health, this brave gesture earned him the name Galahad. He was a leader from a very young age and now, still under 2 years old, he is the veteran of the adoption fairs, showing the other dogs what to do. He stays true to his values of loving every human with all his heart, facilitating petting by pushing himself against the side of his crate, and enthusiastically licking all visitors to his crate-dom. When the situation demands barking, he leads his compatriots in vocal defense of their territory. However, if the passerby are peaceful humans, he is the example of decorum and puppy love.

You may be wondering if any dog could be worthy of such lofty words. Perhaps you think I am exaggerating Galahad’s attributes, but if you look closely you will likely believe that this is exactly how Galahad sees it. I am only his human advocate. For alas Galahad of the soft white fur, though he is one of our most personable dogs, has been passed over time and again for the slightly different puppy. Many times her has won the hearts of a couple or family, and hoped to go home with them, only to be left behind. If you know why this perfect family dog never gets picked, please tell me because I don’t understand.

Galahad may very well be the four-legged ambassador of the Amal Animal Rescue Foundation, but he just wants to be somebody’s pet. He loves a good romp in the yard or sitting in somebody’s lap. He is the best trained dog we have and one of the few who will sit on command. He is crate trained, potty trained, and loves a good walk. Like all our animals he has been neutered and is up to date on his vaccinations and veterinary care. All he needs now is a home.

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